Friday, December 29, 2006

The LOVE BOAT --funny mishaps with BOATS

Jay found this one. Some are painfully familiar.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blu and the Buoy

Keith and Judy will have to comment and provide the story behind these photos!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Keg House Rocks the ASC

From the dusty pages of The Sheet...
Keg House rocks the ASC at the 2004 Ice Breaker Regatta.
Whose that behind those Ray Bans?

Melissa and I went up to the Club on Sunday to see how the boats faired from all the high winds. Everything looked great. We also took a couple of pictures to post on the blog. I remember the other summer when we took a picture of the thermometer reading 90 degrees. It was 15 below on Sunday, and it is still November! Enjoy the pictures.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ocean Racing

Some trans Atlantic, big cat racing footage. Looks like good work if you can get it. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Committee Activity

Greetings ASC Members,
I'd like to send out a thank-you to all the Committee Chair persons. Committee Chairs attended meetings with the board over the last two weeks to charter their committees and are now working on their plans for the next summer.

We had a very good meeting of the eductation committee today. We are making great progress on this years' adult sailing class and have tentatively decided to sponsor a class for our own ASC teenagers. We also plan to coordinate a sailing day with the Campfire organization.

Thanks again to all the committee chairs. If you are a member and would like to get involved with a committee, contact the committee chairs or a board member and we will get you hooked up.

Committee Chairs, 2006 -2007

· Racing: Troy Aumann
· Safety: Vincent Browne
· Fundraising: Dave Johnson
· Public Relations: Cheryl Hilmes
· Site: Jody Willing
· Education: Geoff Wright
· Events: Roberta Avila
· Membership: Elayne Hunter
· Facilities: Tom Gould
· Clubhouse: Jim Aumann
· Boats: Geoff Wright
· Technology: Paul Willing

Tech Help Seminar

Our first Tech Help Seminar was a success! We added more bloggers and Google Group members. It was a lot to cover in a short time, but I think everyone came away with new knowledge and the tools to practice with. We can explore more sessions like this in the future and target more specifics, if needed.

The laptops are clicking...

I’ll be sending invites to our Google Calendar to those that don’t already have them. This invitation will allow you make event entries and edits on our private calendar, plus see all event details. If all you want to do is view the event time and date, you can ignore the invite and just use our web calendar (below on this November 2006 blog page and soon back on our website’s Library page).

And don't EVER click here...

Remember folks – you can’t hurt the blog or the group with a mistake.

Blog Tips:

Login at to make a new posting on the blog.

Visit the blog at to read posts and make comments.

If you realize you’d like to edit or delete one of your previous postings - Login at Click New Post - On the Posting Create page Click Edit Posts - Select Edit or Delete as needed.

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    Saturday, November 18, 2006


    Spring is just right around the corner so hang in there.


    attempting post

    Thanks to Paul & Jody

    We are leaping into the new technology. Thanks for your help & hospitality!

    Joining the new technology

    My first blog Wow!!


    I am here for today, maybe not tomorrow.

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    A Fast, Wooden Catamaran?

    Handy with woodworking? Want a cat? Check out these beauties at the 2006 Shark Nationals. There is some amazing craftsmanship on display here, as well as some great racing action photos. We need some shots like these from our racing series! A good, stable chase boat and a long lens is the key.

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    Stanford Sailing

    Hi there. Just wanted to report back to the club that I am taking sailing at Stanford. Three hours once a week. We are in boats that remind me of the club's 2-person boats, with a main sail and a jib. We sail out of Stanford’s boathouse. We have had quite mild winds, easy to learn to sail in. Next week, we have to do the mandatory capsize....

    I think I still love the Lasers the best. The Stanford racing team uses them here, but they aren't for the classes. Anyway, our season continues down here. I will know more when I come back. I will be able to rig boats much better. And tacking and jibing, lots of work on that. Basically, a lot of fun. I will be back next year when I return to Alaska. Thanks for note. Not sure I answered it in August, but wanted to again anyway, when I found it again. Take care!/ Kathleen

    Posted for Kathleen by Paul

    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    I did it.

    Hi Everyone,
    I have arrived. It took me awhile to get a name that was bloggable.
    What a fun Annual Meeting. The board and committees are hard at work on making the club better than ever for next summer.
    I miss everyone and our summer fun.
    Cindy is now employed as a superviser for the State Human Rights Commission. Her dream job and an office with windows. Way to go Cindy! She also did an awesome job with mock trials at College Gate with my students. We're off to celebrate by seeing Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe and then going to Simons for 1/2 price Appetizers when it's over some time around 9:30. Join us. It will be a fun celebration for the Florida turned Alaska girl.
    Happy Halloween.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    The Worrell 1000 (miles that is)

    Worrell 1000...some history

    Here's some older footage of this amazing race up the east coast of the US. The Worrell 1000 began in 1974 as a bar room bet and has been held 21 times since then.
    Worrell 1000 Yacht Racing

    For those of you who haven't heard of the Worrell 1000, here's a video clip all about it. Enjoy.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    More Blog Help and Sailing Tips from the Pros

    There's more new Blog Signup Help available on our website's Library page.

    Rick White's Catsailor website offers loads of info for multihull sailors and their newsletter provides great tips for all sailors. Here's a sample:

    Hi Sailor,Sailing/Boating Tips Newsletter gives you great, free tips about Sailing and Boating straight from the experts and Pros, i.e., from Master Captains to Olympic Medalists


    Which Tack to Take for Sailors
    Stand by powerboaters, this is a dissertation on sailing. For both cruisers and racers you might want to consider which is the best tack to get to your destination; be it a marina, port or a windward racing mark. A good rule of thumb is keep the angle to the destination less than 45-degrees (assuming your boat can tack from port to starboard at 90-degrees.) To keep the angle less than 45-degrees you are keeping your bow toward the goal. Otherwise you are sailing away from the mark. There are other considerations, however. If there is a storm to the right side of your rhumb line course, you are better to head for the stormy area. Usually winds from that storm will give you more pressure and probably a better wind shift. If there is a persistent shift to the right, again you would forget the 45-degree-to-the-bow idea and head in the direction of the persistent shift, or go to the right side of the course. When the winds are simply oscillating, and if your boat tacks easily, use the 45-degree rule. Racers will get to the weather mark faster to win the race, and cruisers will get to port earlier for that cocktail you had been dreaming of.


    Subscribe Free to the Sailing/Boating Tips Newsletter and get hot tips about sailing, racing, cruising, etc. from the Professionals. Master Captains to Olympic Medalists. Improve your sailing and/or cruising skills. Special tips for racing sailors as well, plus much more. To subscribe use the following link:


    For determining your headings for that windward mark (port) you cannot beat a GPS system. Many of them even have charts that show you exactly where you are, what your track is.., for example, are you really keeping the boat inside that 45-degree angle to the mark. And when you get to the point where you can tack and make the mark, a GPS will tell you that. The GPSs for on the road are also great, they vocally can tell you what lane to get in and when to turn -- you will never have to stop and ask directions again.

    Well, the folks at have expanded their products and now have GPS products by Garmin, Magellan, Cobra and Navman, both for on the water and on the road (no more stopping for directions). Most are shipped immediately right to your door.., no more driving, parking and browsing through stores. Take a look at the many products they have at and toggle through 5 pages of GPSs. Also, Catsailor Magazine's Online Store has over 4000 items for all kinds of boating with most available for same or next day shipping. All a mouse-click away. Why drive across town, stand in lines, and probably still have to order an item when you can get it shipped right to your doorstep in a few days and never leave your home?


    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Flathead Lake

    How about some sailing at a place called Flathead Lake Montana? Some of our members may be able to comment on this posting.

    Catamaran Race Video

    Catamaran F18 Race Video. Trois-Rivières, quebec canada. June 2006.

    Here's the clip of the race without the crashes. See next clip below for all that.

    Catamaran Pitchpole Video

    Catamaran F18 Race Pitchpole Video, Trois-Rivieres, Queec, Canada. June 2006.

    Don't let this scare you - They're having a blast!

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Laser Sailing and more!

    Mommy Help

    Who says Lasers are a young person’s boat? Well me for one, at least until I happened upon Tillerman’s Proper Course Blog. Note - Troy is not permitted to view this blog, he might learn too many Laser tips!

    This blog’s tagline is Cheat the nursing home. Die on your LASER. Tillerman is a 60 year young Laser sailor hosting an extensive blog filled with links to many other sailing blogs. You’ll find tons of good stuff there – there’s even a video link to teach you to Talk Like a Pirate . I haven’t yet fully explored this blog and there’s plenty to see. There’s also a link back to our blog in this More Sailing Blogs posting.

    As you explore this posting’s link, pay attention to the posting contents and comments - it may give you some ideas for our blog. If you’re shy about your first blog posting, go to some of Tillerman’s links and check it out. If you like sailing photography check out his recommendation Sailscape. There you'll find a photo of one type of Escape sailboat - plastic, indestructible and fun.

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Sailing, Sailing and Flying (across the water)

    My notes. - PW

    Sail Fast
    This one’s like a sailing highlights reel. Worth a watch.
    Highlights of some of the regattas this past racing season.

    Supermaxi Maximus Breaking Mast
    Those darn plastic parts!
    Maximus, the New Zealand 98ft Carbon racer in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 05. One of the worlds most advanced racing yachts capable of 35+ kts looses her mast metres from the finishing line.

    Trimarans - Lunatic Sailing
    Those crazy French sailors! This one is great. If you have to wear ski goggles, you know you’re sailing fast.
    Intense sailing.

    This is yacht racing
    Who says sailors aren’t athletes? More high speed action.

    Windrider RAVE Hydrofoil Fast Sailing

    Man these things are FAST!


    Windrider RAVE links:

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Annual Meeting

    The Alaska Sailing Club's annual meeting at the Snow Goose was a great success. After dining on some delicious fare selected from the Snow Goose menu (the Halibut Soft Tacos were fantastic) we held a very productive meeting, elected new board officers and selected committee chairs. It sure beat standing around the club after a work party!

    There were lots of great ideas. These short term and long term projects were slated for evaluation by the committees for scope, proposed budget and recommended priority. Once that’s done the final decisions for the 2007 budget can be made.

    Many members were recognized for their significant contributions throughout the year and certificates were awarded to the Summer Race Series skippers.

    2007 Board of Directors:

    Commodore - Tim Gould
    Vice Commodore - Jody Willing
    Secretary - Elayne Hunter
    Harbormaster - Tom Gould
    Treasurer - T.L. Stanbro
    Past Commodore - Dave Johnson

    2007 Committee Chairs

    Racing - Troy Aumann
    Safety - Vincent Browne
    Fundraising - Dave Johnson
    Public Relations - Cheryl Hilmes
    Site - Jody Willing
    Education - Geoff Wright
    Events - Roberta Avila
    Membership - Elayne Hunter
    Facility - Tom Gould
    Clubhouse - Jim Aumann

    The membership also voted to implement an ‘Adopt a Boat” program, on a trial basis, for the 2007 season. Two of the small club boats will be adopted and given loving care by their “parents” during 2007. In return, they’ll be given first option to sail those boats on race weekends.

    2006 Summer Race Series winner Dave Johnson was awarded the inaugural “Dave Johnson Cup”. This traveling trophy will be engraved with the season’s winner each year just like our storied Governor’s Cup. Congratulations Dave!

    Dave Johnson receives the Dave Johnson Cup

    A club petition was circulated at the meeting mandating a special award for Tim Gould. This cool racing accessory is designed to be dragged along the lake bottom and is required equipment on Tim’s Skipjack for the 2007 season.

    Tim Gould receives a racing accessory

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    More Sailing Video Clips

    Here's some mono hull action.

    1977 Laser Worlds
    You may need a translator, but the race footage with the agile Laser sailors tacking and rounding marks is classic. You may notice some familiar America’s Cup sailors in the winner postings.

    Trebos Laser
    Again you may need a translator, but lots of great Laser footage.

    ONDECK Sailing
    Big monohulls racing.

    VOLVO Ocean Race Cape Town
    Big boats, big wind.

    Big Catamaran, Speed Sailing (Stars & Stripes)
    Big Cat going fast.

    Uncontrollable Urge- 2006 Coastal Cup Race
    Did I see 15 kts on the knotmeter?

    505 sailing crash
    Bruce - I guess 505s crash pretty good too. The crew gets knocked over by a bow wave and trouble follows.

    Learn the Racing Rules Trailer
    This video looks worthy. It's available at SeaTV Productions.

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    I am blogger

    Thanks for the blog invites Paul, the third time is a charm.

    I'm looking forward to seeing everybody this saturday at the Annual Banquet. If you are interested in participating on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chairperson, please let me know via email so we are ready to vote at the banquet. Here is a list of the positions we have within the ASC:

    Board of Directors
    • Commodore
    • Past Commodore
    • Vice Commodore
    • Harbormaster
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary

    • Racing
    • Fundraising
    • Home Owners
    • Site
    • Education
    • Events
    • Public Relations
    • Membership
    • Safety

    Friday, September 15, 2006

    Work Party, this Saturday, Sept 16th, 10 to 4, eat when done

    We are on this Saturday for our party to put the sailing part of the club to bed for another year, and a great year it was! Our community has grown and our place looks great and its all due to our efforts, though most times its doesn't seem like an effort, rather its just fun to be at the lake.

    This gathering should be much less intense than our spring parties cause there are no major projects that need to be done. This is a time of general clean up and getting everything ready so the club can transition to winter time use.

    Yes, the club does see a lot of activity throughout the winter, and all club members are welcome to continue enjoying the lake even though the boats are out of the water. A cool crisp sunny October afternoon is quite enjoyable traveling the shore line in a canoe. Hearing the ice build in early December, with all the various sounds is interesting. Warming inside the club house after skiing around the lake in February brings smiles and good feelings to everyone.

    Driving the ice road on the lake (with the doors open) to the club in April, seeing some water on the lake and wondering if its time to start driving on the real road is always exciting. Yes, the club is available to everyone year round. Enjoy!

    Posted by Paul for Commodore Dave

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Hobie 16 Day at Big Lake? On Some Days It Is!

    For those with a broadband connection, check out this onboard H-16 video mixed with a little AC DC music. I wonder if he had a waterproof camcorder case?


    More Sailing Video Clips

    Hobie Cat Crash
    If you liked the first one (even just a little) you’ll really enjoy this one. The camera work is much better. Here a H-16 is reaching downwind at high speed. Notice what happens when the leeward bow submerges for the second time.

    Hobie Cat 16 SPI
    This one has some excellent music and professional quality chase boat camera work, although the resolution is a little grainy.

    Sailing in the Surf
    Who needs a surfboard?

    Catamaran - inför OS Aten 2004
    No drifters here! Must be professionals with all those logos.

    Philippine Hobie Challenge
    Now here’s a vacation idea!

    After viewing this video I just had to learn more about the PHC. The Philippine Hobie Challenge web site is very comprehensive, with race history, detailed accounts and loads of photos. Exploring their site is definitely worth the time.

    This annual race is quite the event. 2007 will be their eighth year. While checking out a related link I found that two Alaskans participated in PHC 6 in 2005. You’ll find a reference to them in this BeachCats link. I may try to contact them to learn more about their experience there. Who knows maybe they'd like to join our club?

    Rigging a Hobie Cat
    Although this one is not done very well, it gave me the idea for use of YouTube to post similar videos for club use. We could produce video clips on rigging Lasers, Skipjacks, RL, etc. and post on YouTube. Then, it’s a simple matter to post links on the blog for club members to view easily. Keep an eye out for a coming video of this year’s 3rd Governor’s Cup Race.

    For other videos, go to YouTube. Enter “laser sailing” or “hobie cat sailing” in the search box (sorry Skipjack skippers – no hits for “skipjack sailing”). You’ll get the idea.

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    2006 Governor's Cup Results Available

    Check out the 2006 issue of The Sheet for the details of our Labor Day classic and much, much more!

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Tim and Ethan Gould Win 2006 Governor’s Cup!

    Anchorage Daily News story

    Tim and Ethan Gould of Anchorage won the Alaska Sailing Club's 40th Governor's Cup Regatta on Big Lake over the weekend for their second victory in the last three regattas.

    The Goulds, who captured the small boat class, also won in 2004. Tim Gould won in 2002 and teamed with Tom Gould to win in 2001.
    Cheryl Hilmes of Anchorage won the large boat class.

    Small Boat Class –
    1) Tim and Ethan Gould, Anchorage, 2.25 points
    2) Dave Johnson and Elayne Hunter, Anchorage, 9 points
    3) tie, Paul and Taylor Willing, Anchorage, 14 points; Jim Aumann, Anchorage, 14 points

    Large Boat Class –
    1) Cheryl Hilmes, Anchorage
    2) tie, TL Stanbro, Anchorage, and Chris Remick, Palmer.

    Detailed fleet results coming soon in The Sheet.

    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    2006 Governor's Cup is Here!

    Yes folks, it's time to compete again for the storied Governors Cup!
    This regatta is our season-capping event and the club's longest running race. If I only had possession of the cup I could tell you for sure the year of the first race (perhaps Paul can share that with us) [Why yes, I can. Follow this link to a Governor’s Cup history. PDW]

    I believe the ASC Governors Cup Regatta is the longest running annual competition in Alaska. Heck, I hear Ben Robar was only 18 years old when he first won it, so that gives you an idea of how long this race has been around. Anyway, that is my story and I'm sticking to it. For those of you that haven't seen it, the Governors Cup is really quite a cool trophy. They don't make them like this one any more! I hope you can make it out to the lake and join in the fun. I'm quite pleased with the participation we have had in the racing this year and I hope we can just keep building it up. There are a few kids out there that I think are ready to grab hold of the helm and join in too.

    OK - some details. We will shoot for starting the first race promptly at 1:00 pm on Saturday September 2nd. Please make sure that you have your boat ready to go in time to join the first race. If you simply can't make it, please still come on out and join in the races later in the day. As with our other regattas this series will consist of approximately 3 to 7 races depending on wind conditions. At a minimum we will stage races on Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of September.
    Racers earn points for each race, so it pays off to race them all. As last year's champion (Paul Willing) can tell you, the more races you win the better. The way the scoring works you get to throw out your worst race, so you can still be competitive even if you miss a race.

    Lastly, we will have trophies for the big boat and the small boat classes so we are ready for all comers.

    As I'm sure you have seen there via email there will be a fish fry happening on Saturday. I think the Events Committee has a theme for a Sunday potluck as well (stay tuned for more information). We will also have live music on Saturday night. The Commodore splurged and arranged to have the Junior James Band come out to entertain us starting around 6:30 or 7:00.

    I hope your plans include joining us this holiday weekend. It's guaranteed to be almost more fun than should be allowed. See you there.

    Posted by Paul for VC Tim G.

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    2006 Governor's Cup Regatta

    Labor Day Weekend is just days away. It's time once again for our annual Governor's Cup Regatta. Details and cup history are available at this link.

    2005 Race season results, including Governor's Cup, posted on our web site.

    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    Big Lake Weather Link Now Available

    What's the weather like at Big Lake right now? Is it raining? Is there any wind? What about tommorow's weather? The answer to these and other weather questions is now a mouse click away, both here in the Links area and on our web site's new Weather page.

    Upcoming Alaska Sailing Club Events

    Advanced Sailing Class

    WHERE: 1st Floor at the Snow Goose Restaurant

    WHEN: Thursday, August 31st, start to mingle at 6:30 PM, start talking at 7:00 PM and will end at 9:00 PM (unless we want to stay later)

    WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Tim Gould teaching tactics, Dave Johnson and others teaching sail adjustments.

    With the Governor's Cup fast approaching, it's a good time to have an advanced sailing class covering all the sail adjustments available on a boat, such as the main and jib sheets, the downhaul and outhaul, the traveler and the boom vang. Also, we will talk about tell tail movement and what it really indicates. Finally, some basic sail racing tactics will be revealed, such as where on the starting one should be, understanding the Big Lake wind, some right of way rules and how to cover the competition.

    This is the first time for such a gathering and hopefully it will be a success. The Snow Goose said they would be happy to have us, and if this works out we can do it again some time during the winter.

    Dinner and drinks can be purchased by hungry and thirsty sailors.

    We hope to see bunches of sailors and racers there, it would be lonely if Tim and I were the only ones who showed up, but as long as there is food and drink, we will survive.

    Governor's Cup Regatta
    Labor Day Weekend
    Details to follow.

    Fall Work Party
    Sept 9th or 16th. Date to be determined.

    Alaska Sailing Club Annual Meeting
    Snow Goose Restaurant and Pub
    Saturday, Sept 23rd, starting at 5 PM.

    Posted by Paul for Commodore Dave

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    2006 Fireweed Regatta Race Results

    July 29, 2006

    Pirate Race

    First Place: Paul and Taylor Willing - Hobie 16
    Second Place: Paul Button and Corinne Smith - Skipjack
    Third Place: Tom Gould, Roberta Avila and Jody Willing - RL 24

    Relay Race

    First Place: Team Midnight Sun Team - Geoff Wright, Jay Brudzinski and Jeromy Reed
    Second Place: Team Moat Monster - Paul Willing, TL Stambro and Vince Browne
    Third Place: Team RL - Bruce LaLonde, Tim Gould, Tom Gould, Roberta Avila and Jody Willing
    Fourth Place: Team Remick with Chris Remick, Corinne Smith

    Note – these race results are fairly accurate, but apparently we had some problems reading the race results from the Pirate Race (seems they got wet and the ink ran). Troy was second into the harbor in the Laser but failed to produce the clue or the map, just a mass of wet paper.

    We know many of the boats had additional crew (it's the only way that many water balloons could have been launched...). Post comments to notate any corrections. Also, only waterproof cameras were safe on this Saturday, so if you have any photos post them as well.

    Arrrg fellow Pirates! It was a great day of racing. We had 11 boats in the Pirate Race and 12 in the Relay Race. Our first crack at a Relay Race turned out to be a blast. Both races really tested our sailing skills and our ability to duck in the nick of time to try and stay dry!

    It was a cutthroat day on the high seas of Big Lake. There's a certain appeal to being able to slow down other boats using a barrage of water balloons, illegal racing maneuvers, etc. I'm estimating about 400 water balloons were launched on Saturday and several dozen gallons of water discharged from various squirt gun devices, hoses with pumps (that crafty TL), and yes even buckets. There was even one report of a crewmember knocked overboard from a blast of water. Coming within firing range of a big boat proved to be hazardous for many a pirate crew.

    The Willing family had a great time too, though Taylor and I couldn’t believe my loving wife pulled our buoy out of the water and then even stole it. The 720 certainly slowed us down. Apparently, all is fair in pirate races and alliances are very flexible!

    The post race / pillage feast was incredible, as usual. Special thanks to the Steve and Sue team for the wings and fries - The Food Wagon rocks! Pirate Chefs Jay and Chris cooked up some tasty custom kabobs. An assortment of fine wine was available for tasting as well.

    Special thanks to our evening’s musicians and everyone who worked to bring off another exceptional event. That's why it’s a great sailing club.

    The races were fantastic! Congratulations to everyone!!!! We definitely should have more of these kinds of events.

    Thanks to Jay, Cheryl and Jody for their contributions to this posting.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    ASC Blog Help is Here

    If you need help using our blog this file may help: ASC Blog Help

    It's also available on our web site's new library page.

    Monday, July 24, 2006

    2006 Fireweed Regatta - July 29, 2006

    Ahoy everyone. I wanted to send out some more information on this weekend's regatta. As a reminder, and winds willing, we will start the "Pirate Race" at 1200 sharp. Skippers meeting at 1130. Dinner is going to be one fantastic pot luck. Grill your own kabobs, wings catered by Steve & Sue, & even some wine for tasting. Bring your favorite dish to share.

    Pirate Race

    The first race is a scavenger race of sorts. Each Skipper will be provided a rare, and authentic (at least as authentic as pirates on Big Lake), pirate map identifying the location of 3 or 4 marks. The first one to get to all the marks, complete their map and make it back to the dock wins.

    Each mark will contain a clue to help you complete your map. Once a boat fetches a mark (obtains the clue), it has to deploy and trail a visible buoy 50 ft behind their boat before proceeding to the next mark (this is where the 1-2 liter bottle painted a nice bright color comes in handy). This is also where the cunning and sculldugery comes into play. Your float is fair game for another boat to capture. Once captured you must provide the clue to the scurvy slime that wants to prosper from all your hard work! It also gives th slower more maneuverable boats a chance to out smart some of the slicker faster craft, aaarrrgg. Again, first one to complete their map and return (safely, cause thar by pirates in them waters...) to the dock wins.

    Relay Race

    The second race will be a relay race. Each team will have three boats (maybe more, or less, depending on the number of folks that make it). A course will be established and boats positioned at points across the lake. Each boat will run their leg and hand off a baton to the next boat before they can start their leg. The first team across the finish line wins. Just to keep things fair, I thought we would draw teams from a hat Saturday morning (no stacking the deck Chris, Tim & Tom).

    Sharks and Minnows

    The final race is like the famous pool game "sharks and minnows ". We will have a dual between the two previous race winners (I'm still mulling over the dual ideas, but it will be good!). The winner, or I perhaps the loser, will be the shark. All the other boats will be positioned on the same side of one of the two starting lines. When the gun goes off, the other boats (minnows) must reach the other starting line without getting hit by the shark, or one of its captives. By hit I am referring to water balloons, and yes you must hit the skipper, not just the boat. The winner is the last minnow to cross the line with out getting hit.

    I could use some help picking up some biodegradable water balloons and filling them up Saturday before the race. If you have a spare pail you may want to bring it to hold your stash of water balloons.

    Fingers crossed, we might have a nice sunny weekend to pull this off. Please don't hesitate to drop me a note with any questions. See yah Saturday!

    Posted for Jay by Paul

    Earlier Post:

    The regatta will consist of three events(races). The scavenger hunt (aka the pirate race, arrrgg!), a relay race, and a sailing interpretation of "sharks and minnows".

    For two of the races each boat will need a float (a brightly colored 1or 2 liter bottle) and 50 feet of light line (surveyors cord worked great). For the relay race we will need teams of 3 boats; one big boat and two smaller boats. We can form teams that morning, or start sending some email notes around. It is highly recommended that you bring some sort of squirt gun to defend yourself, things can get pretty wet on the race course! And, did I mention the pirate attire...(always fun but never required).

    Charts (for the pirate race, arrrrrgg) and additional race information will be provided the morning of the race. Weather permitting I would like to kick off the first race at 1200. That means that all the scurvy swabs participating in the scavenger hunt race need to be available for the skippers eating at 1130 sharp, or be walking the plank!

    We had a lot of fun with this race series last year and hope to have an even better time this year. I look forward to seeing everyone.

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Anchorage Daily News - Firecracker Regatta Coverage


    Brudzinski, Gould win

    Published in the Anchorage Daily News (this link may work): July 6, 2006 Last Modified: July 6, 2006 at 03:26 AM

    Chugiak's Jay Brudzinski and Anchorage's Tim Gould claimed overall sailing titles over the holiday weekend at the Firecracker Regatta at Big Lake.

    Brudzinski won the large boat division and Gould was first among small boats over a span of four races in three days.

    Firecracker Regatta

    Small Boat Category

    1) Tim Gould, Anchorage, 4.25 points; 2) Dave Johnson, Anchorage, 12; 3) Paul Willing, Anchorage, 20.

    Large Boat Category

    1) Jay Brudzinski, Chugiak, .75 points; 2) Chris Remik, Palmer, 2; 3) Jeromy Reed, Anchorage, 3 points

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Tim Gould Wins the 2006 Firecracker Regatta!

    Once again Tim showed us how to get a Skipjack quickly around the race course, light wind, no wind, shifting winds; it doesn’t seem to matter. Way to go Tim!

    And the crowd goes wild!

    Race notes from the score sheets:

    Race 1
    Very light winds at the starting line and on each leg. Fluky and shifting winds caused each leg to be a beat to windward. New member Bruce showed up and sailed his beautiful International 505. Tim wins by over 3 minutes.

    Race 2
    After the delicious potluck dinner a slight breeze appears on the lake. The collective decision among the racing skippers is to race! The breeze remained steady throughout the race. The fleet found the windward mark missing and used Barston Island instead. Bruce edges out a win with a 1.07 minute corrected time margin.

    Race 3
    The breeze seems to be holding. After convincing the race committee chairman we should race again very soon, we do. But by start time it's already diminished and continues to decrease during the race. The last two legs are drifters. Tim wins handily by over 6 minutes on corrected time.

    The fleet takes a break

    Race 4
    We waited all day for wind. Finally at about 8:00 pm there was enough to try a race. We changed start lines on the fly while on the water waiting to start. Tim finishes in first with just under 3 minutes of corrected time margin.

    The big boats joined in for this one and made a good showing for the light wins. Jay led the way to the finish and captured the prize for big boats in this regatta.

    Firecracker Results:

    Tim Gould - First Place
    Dave Johnson - Second Place
    Paul Willing - Third Place

    Big Boats
    Jay Brudzinski – First Place
    Chris Remick – Second Place
    Jeromy Reed – Third Place

    Detailed time results available here. Race action photos pending. The potluck dinner was simply incredible. There was record attendance at this one folks. Special thanks to all the great assistance from the race committee chairman Tim Gould and race officials Jody Willing, Hannah Gould, Tom Gould and Roberta Avila

    Sailors take a break

    Photo credits: Geoff W.

    As The Windmill Turns...


    Ah, a week at ASC – it just doesn’t get any better than this – with disc golf onsite, squirt gun battles, snorkeling for treasure in the harbor, King of the Launch Pod, 9 holes at Settlers Bay, sailing in some excellent winds on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and just plain kicking back. We're looking forward to celebrating the Fourth here and the Firecracker Regatta.

    Nosing around the sailing club…

    We came across this amazing ASC poster from 1967 that someone dropped off at the club house. How cool is that? Where were you in 1967? Club Historians, what do we know about Chef Leo Gagne and this event? What kind of draft beer did they serve? The menu sounds delicious and the price is a bargain worthy of FoodNetwork.

    Yes, it’s another beautiful Big Lake sunset.

    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Newlyweds Sail Through 25 Years

    06/29/06 - Published live onsite from beautiful downtown Big Lake.

    Jay and Melissa toast twenty five years

    Late breaking news flash – late Thursday this roving reporter team learned of Jay and Melissa’s 25th anniversary. Jody organized an impromptu lakeside surprise party. We all toasted with champagne and munched on chocolate cake and shared tales of meeting and marrying.


    Loons Monitor Night Training at Big Lake

    The Loon security team reported helicopter search and rescue training at 2110 on 6/29/06.

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Getting the Clubsite ready for the 4th!

    Kathy puts the finishing touches to the new Unitairian revival tent at the club.
    Here is the new BBQ pit Tom requested.

    The Launch Pod is on the water!! Bring out your swimsuits

    Check out the Beautiful lawn on the shoreline

    Lots of lawn in front of the clubhouse too. Thanks to TL and Teri for doing all the mowing and lawn work this weekend. Elayne and Cheryl have started the task of repainting the club house. They are looking for donations of purple paint for the trim. The club looks fantastic. We are ready for the 4th of July.

    The theme for the potlucks will be All American food. We will have two potlucks one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Bring lots of goodies and be ready for some serious racing and eating.

    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    300 Miles to Valdez

    Valdez, Alaska

    The Sheet’s roving reporter team reporting from Alaska’s Little Switzerland.

    Valdez Harbormaster

    The weather on the drive over was wet and rainy on Thursday, but gradually improved as we neared Valdez. And it’s been a little better each day, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

    Small boat harbor

    We walked around the little town of 4,100, explored the local scene and checked out the Last Frontier Theatre Conference.

    Shark Rodeo

    The small boat harbor is filled mostly with fishing boats and power pleasure craft, but there are at least a dozen very nice sailboats, even a 50 ft luxury catamaran. Kayaking or sailing Prince William Sound from here would a great adventure.

    New ASC rescue boat

    Today it’s back to Anchorage and on to Big Lake!

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Get Ready for the 4th of July

    The flow is going now. We’re a blogging concern! You may find some familiar faces in the K32 Adventures blog.

    Race Committee News:

    Summer 2006 Racing Schedule

    Ice Breaker Regatta - June 3rd and 4th
    Firecracker Regatta - July 1st and 2nd
    Governors Cup Regatta - September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

    We may also stage other races as interest allows. There is usually a fun race in August sometime. We'll work those dates and get them out.

    Remember – As someone else said "Specialization is for insects"!

    Alaska Sailing Club

    The Alaska Sailing club, such a beautiful place. Currently we have an "L" floating dock. Our former "C" floating dock system washed away in the storm of "99". Maybe someday it will return.

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Alaska Sailing Club on TV

    Brett Shepard advises that KTVA Channel 11 will again run the story they did last year about sailing at Big Lake.

    It will be aired Wednesday, June 14th at 6 PM and again Thursday June 15th at 6 AM.

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    More of the Sailing Class

    Almost ready to hit the high seas
    The class goes out for the first sail as a group on Big Lake
    If you concentrate hard enough all things become clear?
    True happiness is learning to sail together!
    Geoff "The Rock" shows us how basketball was played in his hometown
    Another happy sailor

    Dave supervises the rigging of the Lido

    Birgett and Sharon try to keep a straight face while trying to explain to me how a pulley works!