Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hobie 16 Day at Big Lake? On Some Days It Is!

For those with a broadband connection, check out this onboard H-16 video mixed with a little AC DC music. I wonder if he had a waterproof camcorder case?


More Sailing Video Clips

Hobie Cat Crash
If you liked the first one (even just a little) you’ll really enjoy this one. The camera work is much better. Here a H-16 is reaching downwind at high speed. Notice what happens when the leeward bow submerges for the second time.

Hobie Cat 16 SPI
This one has some excellent music and professional quality chase boat camera work, although the resolution is a little grainy.

Sailing in the Surf
Who needs a surfboard?

Catamaran - inför OS Aten 2004
No drifters here! Must be professionals with all those logos.

Philippine Hobie Challenge
Now here’s a vacation idea!

After viewing this video I just had to learn more about the PHC. The Philippine Hobie Challenge web site is very comprehensive, with race history, detailed accounts and loads of photos. Exploring their site is definitely worth the time.

This annual race is quite the event. 2007 will be their eighth year. While checking out a related link I found that two Alaskans participated in PHC 6 in 2005. You’ll find a reference to them in this BeachCats link. I may try to contact them to learn more about their experience there. Who knows maybe they'd like to join our club?

Rigging a Hobie Cat
Although this one is not done very well, it gave me the idea for use of YouTube to post similar videos for club use. We could produce video clips on rigging Lasers, Skipjacks, RL, etc. and post on YouTube. Then, it’s a simple matter to post links on the blog for club members to view easily. Keep an eye out for a coming video of this year’s 3rd Governor’s Cup Race.

For other videos, go to YouTube. Enter “laser sailing” or “hobie cat sailing” in the search box (sorry Skipjack skippers – no hits for “skipjack sailing”). You’ll get the idea.

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