Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Worrell 1000 (miles that is)

Worrell 1000...some history

Here's some older footage of this amazing race up the east coast of the US. The Worrell 1000 began in 1974 as a bar room bet and has been held 21 times since then.


Cat Sailor Paul said...

Somewhere I have an old VHS tape of one of the early Worrell 1000 races. If I find it I'll produce a DVD copy of it for club members.

The race consisted of only a half dozen boats, one of which was a home built wooden design, and some average sailors seeking adventure. A far cry from today's professionalism and corporate sponsership.

The wooden cat didn't finish. It broke apart in a squall about 500 miles into the race!

Cat Sailor Paul said...

And one more thing...

For those having trouble viewing video clips due to hesitation and/or freeze up. Try this:

Start playing the clip.

After a few seconds, click the pause button.

Wait 30 seconds or so while the buffer loads more footage. You'll notice the bar advancing past where you paused the clip.

Click play.