Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Fun Day coming July 2, 2017

Family Fun Day

  • *Runs
  • *Sack Races
  • *Big Lake Mountain Marathon
  • *Straw dig - $5.00 per kid (extra change welcome)
  • *Whip Cream Contest
  • *Water Relay
  • *Toy Boat Derby - *Derby rules: boats can be 12" long, no restriction on sail sizes, width, keels, number of hulls. There are 12 boats available for the kids to adapt (but they need to figure out sail material). Adults need to build their own. Can prebuild before you come to the club. No RC Boats. 

FYI, we are doing the Boat Derby at Oliver's request, so please join in the fun. He felt left out that we only did this when he was little. 😀

If boats are ready on Saturday, we might do some heats before Bruce gets things started.