Monday, October 30, 2006

Stanford Sailing

Hi there. Just wanted to report back to the club that I am taking sailing at Stanford. Three hours once a week. We are in boats that remind me of the club's 2-person boats, with a main sail and a jib. We sail out of Stanford’s boathouse. We have had quite mild winds, easy to learn to sail in. Next week, we have to do the mandatory capsize....

I think I still love the Lasers the best. The Stanford racing team uses them here, but they aren't for the classes. Anyway, our season continues down here. I will know more when I come back. I will be able to rig boats much better. And tacking and jibing, lots of work on that. Basically, a lot of fun. I will be back next year when I return to Alaska. Thanks for note. Not sure I answered it in August, but wanted to again anyway, when I found it again. Take care!/ Kathleen

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Cat Sailor Paul said...

Another Governor's Cup front runner in the making.