Sunday, September 24, 2006

Annual Meeting

The Alaska Sailing Club's annual meeting at the Snow Goose was a great success. After dining on some delicious fare selected from the Snow Goose menu (the Halibut Soft Tacos were fantastic) we held a very productive meeting, elected new board officers and selected committee chairs. It sure beat standing around the club after a work party!

There were lots of great ideas. These short term and long term projects were slated for evaluation by the committees for scope, proposed budget and recommended priority. Once that’s done the final decisions for the 2007 budget can be made.

Many members were recognized for their significant contributions throughout the year and certificates were awarded to the Summer Race Series skippers.

2007 Board of Directors:

Commodore - Tim Gould
Vice Commodore - Jody Willing
Secretary - Elayne Hunter
Harbormaster - Tom Gould
Treasurer - T.L. Stanbro
Past Commodore - Dave Johnson

2007 Committee Chairs

Racing - Troy Aumann
Safety - Vincent Browne
Fundraising - Dave Johnson
Public Relations - Cheryl Hilmes
Site - Jody Willing
Education - Geoff Wright
Events - Roberta Avila
Membership - Elayne Hunter
Facility - Tom Gould
Clubhouse - Jim Aumann

The membership also voted to implement an ‘Adopt a Boat” program, on a trial basis, for the 2007 season. Two of the small club boats will be adopted and given loving care by their “parents” during 2007. In return, they’ll be given first option to sail those boats on race weekends.

2006 Summer Race Series winner Dave Johnson was awarded the inaugural “Dave Johnson Cup”. This traveling trophy will be engraved with the season’s winner each year just like our storied Governor’s Cup. Congratulations Dave!

Dave Johnson receives the Dave Johnson Cup

A club petition was circulated at the meeting mandating a special award for Tim Gould. This cool racing accessory is designed to be dragged along the lake bottom and is required equipment on Tim’s Skipjack for the 2007 season.

Tim Gould receives a racing accessory

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