Friday, September 29, 2006

Flathead Lake

How about some sailing at a place called Flathead Lake Montana? Some of our members may be able to comment on this posting.

Catamaran Race Video

Catamaran F18 Race Video. Trois-Rivières, quebec canada. June 2006.

Here's the clip of the race without the crashes. See next clip below for all that.

Catamaran Pitchpole Video

Catamaran F18 Race Pitchpole Video, Trois-Rivieres, Queec, Canada. June 2006.

Don't let this scare you - They're having a blast!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Laser Sailing and more!

Mommy Help

Who says Lasers are a young person’s boat? Well me for one, at least until I happened upon Tillerman’s Proper Course Blog. Note - Troy is not permitted to view this blog, he might learn too many Laser tips!

This blog’s tagline is Cheat the nursing home. Die on your LASER. Tillerman is a 60 year young Laser sailor hosting an extensive blog filled with links to many other sailing blogs. You’ll find tons of good stuff there – there’s even a video link to teach you to Talk Like a Pirate . I haven’t yet fully explored this blog and there’s plenty to see. There’s also a link back to our blog in this More Sailing Blogs posting.

As you explore this posting’s link, pay attention to the posting contents and comments - it may give you some ideas for our blog. If you’re shy about your first blog posting, go to some of Tillerman’s links and check it out. If you like sailing photography check out his recommendation Sailscape. There you'll find a photo of one type of Escape sailboat - plastic, indestructible and fun.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sailing, Sailing and Flying (across the water)

My notes. - PW

Sail Fast
This one’s like a sailing highlights reel. Worth a watch.
Highlights of some of the regattas this past racing season.

Supermaxi Maximus Breaking Mast
Those darn plastic parts!
Maximus, the New Zealand 98ft Carbon racer in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 05. One of the worlds most advanced racing yachts capable of 35+ kts looses her mast metres from the finishing line.

Trimarans - Lunatic Sailing
Those crazy French sailors! This one is great. If you have to wear ski goggles, you know you’re sailing fast.
Intense sailing.

This is yacht racing
Who says sailors aren’t athletes? More high speed action.

Windrider RAVE Hydrofoil Fast Sailing

Man these things are FAST!


Windrider RAVE links:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Annual Meeting

The Alaska Sailing Club's annual meeting at the Snow Goose was a great success. After dining on some delicious fare selected from the Snow Goose menu (the Halibut Soft Tacos were fantastic) we held a very productive meeting, elected new board officers and selected committee chairs. It sure beat standing around the club after a work party!

There were lots of great ideas. These short term and long term projects were slated for evaluation by the committees for scope, proposed budget and recommended priority. Once that’s done the final decisions for the 2007 budget can be made.

Many members were recognized for their significant contributions throughout the year and certificates were awarded to the Summer Race Series skippers.

2007 Board of Directors:

Commodore - Tim Gould
Vice Commodore - Jody Willing
Secretary - Elayne Hunter
Harbormaster - Tom Gould
Treasurer - T.L. Stanbro
Past Commodore - Dave Johnson

2007 Committee Chairs

Racing - Troy Aumann
Safety - Vincent Browne
Fundraising - Dave Johnson
Public Relations - Cheryl Hilmes
Site - Jody Willing
Education - Geoff Wright
Events - Roberta Avila
Membership - Elayne Hunter
Facility - Tom Gould
Clubhouse - Jim Aumann

The membership also voted to implement an ‘Adopt a Boat” program, on a trial basis, for the 2007 season. Two of the small club boats will be adopted and given loving care by their “parents” during 2007. In return, they’ll be given first option to sail those boats on race weekends.

2006 Summer Race Series winner Dave Johnson was awarded the inaugural “Dave Johnson Cup”. This traveling trophy will be engraved with the season’s winner each year just like our storied Governor’s Cup. Congratulations Dave!

Dave Johnson receives the Dave Johnson Cup

A club petition was circulated at the meeting mandating a special award for Tim Gould. This cool racing accessory is designed to be dragged along the lake bottom and is required equipment on Tim’s Skipjack for the 2007 season.

Tim Gould receives a racing accessory

Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Sailing Video Clips

Here's some mono hull action.

1977 Laser Worlds
You may need a translator, but the race footage with the agile Laser sailors tacking and rounding marks is classic. You may notice some familiar America’s Cup sailors in the winner postings.

Trebos Laser
Again you may need a translator, but lots of great Laser footage.

ONDECK Sailing
Big monohulls racing.

VOLVO Ocean Race Cape Town
Big boats, big wind.

Big Catamaran, Speed Sailing (Stars & Stripes)
Big Cat going fast.

Uncontrollable Urge- 2006 Coastal Cup Race
Did I see 15 kts on the knotmeter?

505 sailing crash
Bruce - I guess 505s crash pretty good too. The crew gets knocked over by a bow wave and trouble follows.

Learn the Racing Rules Trailer
This video looks worthy. It's available at SeaTV Productions.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I am blogger

Thanks for the blog invites Paul, the third time is a charm.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody this saturday at the Annual Banquet. If you are interested in participating on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chairperson, please let me know via email so we are ready to vote at the banquet. Here is a list of the positions we have within the ASC:

Board of Directors
  • Commodore
  • Past Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Harbormaster
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

  • Racing
  • Fundraising
  • Home Owners
  • Site
  • Education
  • Events
  • Public Relations
  • Membership
  • Safety

Friday, September 15, 2006

Work Party, this Saturday, Sept 16th, 10 to 4, eat when done

We are on this Saturday for our party to put the sailing part of the club to bed for another year, and a great year it was! Our community has grown and our place looks great and its all due to our efforts, though most times its doesn't seem like an effort, rather its just fun to be at the lake.

This gathering should be much less intense than our spring parties cause there are no major projects that need to be done. This is a time of general clean up and getting everything ready so the club can transition to winter time use.

Yes, the club does see a lot of activity throughout the winter, and all club members are welcome to continue enjoying the lake even though the boats are out of the water. A cool crisp sunny October afternoon is quite enjoyable traveling the shore line in a canoe. Hearing the ice build in early December, with all the various sounds is interesting. Warming inside the club house after skiing around the lake in February brings smiles and good feelings to everyone.

Driving the ice road on the lake (with the doors open) to the club in April, seeing some water on the lake and wondering if its time to start driving on the real road is always exciting. Yes, the club is available to everyone year round. Enjoy!

Posted by Paul for Commodore Dave

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hobie 16 Day at Big Lake? On Some Days It Is!

For those with a broadband connection, check out this onboard H-16 video mixed with a little AC DC music. I wonder if he had a waterproof camcorder case?


More Sailing Video Clips

Hobie Cat Crash
If you liked the first one (even just a little) you’ll really enjoy this one. The camera work is much better. Here a H-16 is reaching downwind at high speed. Notice what happens when the leeward bow submerges for the second time.

Hobie Cat 16 SPI
This one has some excellent music and professional quality chase boat camera work, although the resolution is a little grainy.

Sailing in the Surf
Who needs a surfboard?

Catamaran - inför OS Aten 2004
No drifters here! Must be professionals with all those logos.

Philippine Hobie Challenge
Now here’s a vacation idea!

After viewing this video I just had to learn more about the PHC. The Philippine Hobie Challenge web site is very comprehensive, with race history, detailed accounts and loads of photos. Exploring their site is definitely worth the time.

This annual race is quite the event. 2007 will be their eighth year. While checking out a related link I found that two Alaskans participated in PHC 6 in 2005. You’ll find a reference to them in this BeachCats link. I may try to contact them to learn more about their experience there. Who knows maybe they'd like to join our club?

Rigging a Hobie Cat
Although this one is not done very well, it gave me the idea for use of YouTube to post similar videos for club use. We could produce video clips on rigging Lasers, Skipjacks, RL, etc. and post on YouTube. Then, it’s a simple matter to post links on the blog for club members to view easily. Keep an eye out for a coming video of this year’s 3rd Governor’s Cup Race.

For other videos, go to YouTube. Enter “laser sailing” or “hobie cat sailing” in the search box (sorry Skipjack skippers – no hits for “skipjack sailing”). You’ll get the idea.

Monday, September 11, 2006

2006 Governor's Cup Results Available

Check out the 2006 issue of The Sheet for the details of our Labor Day classic and much, much more!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tim and Ethan Gould Win 2006 Governor’s Cup!

Anchorage Daily News story

Tim and Ethan Gould of Anchorage won the Alaska Sailing Club's 40th Governor's Cup Regatta on Big Lake over the weekend for their second victory in the last three regattas.

The Goulds, who captured the small boat class, also won in 2004. Tim Gould won in 2002 and teamed with Tom Gould to win in 2001.
Cheryl Hilmes of Anchorage won the large boat class.

Small Boat Class –
1) Tim and Ethan Gould, Anchorage, 2.25 points
2) Dave Johnson and Elayne Hunter, Anchorage, 9 points
3) tie, Paul and Taylor Willing, Anchorage, 14 points; Jim Aumann, Anchorage, 14 points

Large Boat Class –
1) Cheryl Hilmes, Anchorage
2) tie, TL Stanbro, Anchorage, and Chris Remick, Palmer.

Detailed fleet results coming soon in The Sheet.