Thursday, August 17, 2006

2006 Fireweed Regatta Race Results

July 29, 2006

Pirate Race

First Place: Paul and Taylor Willing - Hobie 16
Second Place: Paul Button and Corinne Smith - Skipjack
Third Place: Tom Gould, Roberta Avila and Jody Willing - RL 24

Relay Race

First Place: Team Midnight Sun Team - Geoff Wright, Jay Brudzinski and Jeromy Reed
Second Place: Team Moat Monster - Paul Willing, TL Stambro and Vince Browne
Third Place: Team RL - Bruce LaLonde, Tim Gould, Tom Gould, Roberta Avila and Jody Willing
Fourth Place: Team Remick with Chris Remick, Corinne Smith

Note – these race results are fairly accurate, but apparently we had some problems reading the race results from the Pirate Race (seems they got wet and the ink ran). Troy was second into the harbor in the Laser but failed to produce the clue or the map, just a mass of wet paper.

We know many of the boats had additional crew (it's the only way that many water balloons could have been launched...). Post comments to notate any corrections. Also, only waterproof cameras were safe on this Saturday, so if you have any photos post them as well.

Arrrg fellow Pirates! It was a great day of racing. We had 11 boats in the Pirate Race and 12 in the Relay Race. Our first crack at a Relay Race turned out to be a blast. Both races really tested our sailing skills and our ability to duck in the nick of time to try and stay dry!

It was a cutthroat day on the high seas of Big Lake. There's a certain appeal to being able to slow down other boats using a barrage of water balloons, illegal racing maneuvers, etc. I'm estimating about 400 water balloons were launched on Saturday and several dozen gallons of water discharged from various squirt gun devices, hoses with pumps (that crafty TL), and yes even buckets. There was even one report of a crewmember knocked overboard from a blast of water. Coming within firing range of a big boat proved to be hazardous for many a pirate crew.

The Willing family had a great time too, though Taylor and I couldn’t believe my loving wife pulled our buoy out of the water and then even stole it. The 720 certainly slowed us down. Apparently, all is fair in pirate races and alliances are very flexible!

The post race / pillage feast was incredible, as usual. Special thanks to the Steve and Sue team for the wings and fries - The Food Wagon rocks! Pirate Chefs Jay and Chris cooked up some tasty custom kabobs. An assortment of fine wine was available for tasting as well.

Special thanks to our evening’s musicians and everyone who worked to bring off another exceptional event. That's why it’s a great sailing club.

The races were fantastic! Congratulations to everyone!!!! We definitely should have more of these kinds of events.

Thanks to Jay, Cheryl and Jody for their contributions to this posting.

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