Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Congratulations to the New Pirate King and Queen

Congratulations to Cindy & Jeremy our newest Pirate King & Queen. Reed's Ravagers managed to amass a treasure of 103 gold coins, jewels & pirate ducks. A treasure of coins, jewels & ducks were amassed by the rest of the ASC Fleet as well:

Wylie Wright Crew - The bag of Blue Sapphires!
Raunchy Ray & The Monfore Crew - 75
The Arr-Gets - 69
The Crew of Adventure - 57
Black Bruce and his wench Red - 55
Capt. No Beard (and his dad) - 45
The Lone Seaman - 23

My pictures are slim so if anyone has some pictures of this years race throw them on the Blog.

Your favorite (former) Pirate King and Queen

August White Sail Pictures

I think we should have named this White Sail event the "What-A-Sail" event. Although it was a bit cloudy (and eventually did rain), the winds were great and the lake was full of ASC sailboats. Thanks Chris for getting this new event organized!