Monday, July 03, 2006

As The Windmill Turns...


Ah, a week at ASC – it just doesn’t get any better than this – with disc golf onsite, squirt gun battles, snorkeling for treasure in the harbor, King of the Launch Pod, 9 holes at Settlers Bay, sailing in some excellent winds on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and just plain kicking back. We're looking forward to celebrating the Fourth here and the Firecracker Regatta.

Nosing around the sailing club…

We came across this amazing ASC poster from 1967 that someone dropped off at the club house. How cool is that? Where were you in 1967? Club Historians, what do we know about Chef Leo Gagne and this event? What kind of draft beer did they serve? The menu sounds delicious and the price is a bargain worthy of FoodNetwork.

Yes, it’s another beautiful Big Lake sunset.

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