Thursday, May 29, 2008

2008 Ice Breaker Regatta - Tom Harrison Wins

Tom Harrison and his super slick Lido 14 took the honors in our opening regatta for the 2008 season. The first of the coming Buccaneers were out with Jay and Chris both on the water with their new boats. It was cold, wet and well... a typical Alaskan spring weekend.

For detailed results see 2008 Ice Breaker Results. Note cool new Sailwave feature - Back Calculated Elapsed time. This shows how much faster each boat would have had to sail to tie the winner of each race. These results and others for this season will also be consolidated with a links list from our public website at I've also updated our homepage on the site and fixed some dead links on our links page.

Thanks for your patience as we worked through some initial training issues with our new Sailwave scoring system.

Special thanks to Tom, Jody and the rest of the Race Committee for putting on a great event under some very trying conditions.

I was too busy trying to stay warm to take any photos. Dawn provided these:

Launching Lucky

My beer is bigger than your dog

Bob and Linda

Commodore and our vistor from Nepal

Geoff and Cathy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Spring Work Party - Phase II (or the Real Ice Breaker!)

Thanks to all members who pitched in - including, but not limited to - Commodore Tim and Ethan used their Ice Breaker canoe with paddles and pickaxes to open a sliver of water for the docks. Chris spearheaded the gravel work, Keith performed electrical install on the waterfront, Tom and team got the docks in, Jay managed boat parking, TL was everywhere, Bruce completed Lucky's standing rigging (she looks sharp), Jody kept everyone moving (even a few teens) and negociated the MSB parking issue and all the others who helped with all this and more...

Still to complete prior to Ice Breaker Regatta Memorial weekend - connect docks and secure to mooring.

First dock in (marginal cellphone photo):

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Spring Work Party - Phase I

Jim Aumann and his super roofing team worked all day and long past quitting time on the clubhouse roof project. The May 10th kickoff work party accomplished great things as we count the seconds to an ice free lake and the 2008 sailing season.

See post below for the finished product!

See you today for Phase II !

Monday, May 12, 2008