Sunday, June 25, 2006

Getting the Clubsite ready for the 4th!

Kathy puts the finishing touches to the new Unitairian revival tent at the club.
Here is the new BBQ pit Tom requested.

The Launch Pod is on the water!! Bring out your swimsuits

Check out the Beautiful lawn on the shoreline

Lots of lawn in front of the clubhouse too. Thanks to TL and Teri for doing all the mowing and lawn work this weekend. Elayne and Cheryl have started the task of repainting the club house. They are looking for donations of purple paint for the trim. The club looks fantastic. We are ready for the 4th of July.

The theme for the potlucks will be All American food. We will have two potlucks one on Saturday and another on Sunday. Bring lots of goodies and be ready for some serious racing and eating.

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Cat Sailor Paul said...

The club looks fantastic. Great job team! Taylor, Justin and I personally tested the Launch Pod today and it rocks. Thanks for inflating and mooring it.

We’re ready for a weekend of fun, food and racing.