Friday, September 15, 2006

Work Party, this Saturday, Sept 16th, 10 to 4, eat when done

We are on this Saturday for our party to put the sailing part of the club to bed for another year, and a great year it was! Our community has grown and our place looks great and its all due to our efforts, though most times its doesn't seem like an effort, rather its just fun to be at the lake.

This gathering should be much less intense than our spring parties cause there are no major projects that need to be done. This is a time of general clean up and getting everything ready so the club can transition to winter time use.

Yes, the club does see a lot of activity throughout the winter, and all club members are welcome to continue enjoying the lake even though the boats are out of the water. A cool crisp sunny October afternoon is quite enjoyable traveling the shore line in a canoe. Hearing the ice build in early December, with all the various sounds is interesting. Warming inside the club house after skiing around the lake in February brings smiles and good feelings to everyone.

Driving the ice road on the lake (with the doors open) to the club in April, seeing some water on the lake and wondering if its time to start driving on the real road is always exciting. Yes, the club is available to everyone year round. Enjoy!

Posted by Paul for Commodore Dave

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