Saturday, August 19, 2006

Upcoming Alaska Sailing Club Events

Advanced Sailing Class

WHERE: 1st Floor at the Snow Goose Restaurant

WHEN: Thursday, August 31st, start to mingle at 6:30 PM, start talking at 7:00 PM and will end at 9:00 PM (unless we want to stay later)

WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Tim Gould teaching tactics, Dave Johnson and others teaching sail adjustments.

With the Governor's Cup fast approaching, it's a good time to have an advanced sailing class covering all the sail adjustments available on a boat, such as the main and jib sheets, the downhaul and outhaul, the traveler and the boom vang. Also, we will talk about tell tail movement and what it really indicates. Finally, some basic sail racing tactics will be revealed, such as where on the starting one should be, understanding the Big Lake wind, some right of way rules and how to cover the competition.

This is the first time for such a gathering and hopefully it will be a success. The Snow Goose said they would be happy to have us, and if this works out we can do it again some time during the winter.

Dinner and drinks can be purchased by hungry and thirsty sailors.

We hope to see bunches of sailors and racers there, it would be lonely if Tim and I were the only ones who showed up, but as long as there is food and drink, we will survive.

Governor's Cup Regatta
Labor Day Weekend
Details to follow.

Fall Work Party
Sept 9th or 16th. Date to be determined.

Alaska Sailing Club Annual Meeting
Snow Goose Restaurant and Pub
Saturday, Sept 23rd, starting at 5 PM.

Posted by Paul for Commodore Dave

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