Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ASC Shoreline Restoration Project

On 6 June, 2012, Amber Bethe, from Fish and Game, brought out about 30 volunteers, and along with Bruce Lee, Jim Aumann, TL Stanbro and Bruce Lalonde, the Shoreline Restoration was completed. The following pictures were taken. I hope the pictures give you an idea of the great amount of planning, money, and manual labor that was required to reach the final result...The new and improved ASC SHORELINE.
Original Shoreline
 Bruce Lee
 Amber Bethe from Fish and Game
 Getting Started
 Working behind the containment wall
 Rocks begining the new shoreline
 Placing willows in the water
 Checking the depth of the area for  restoration
 Placing the burlap to protect the willows and other plants
 The new shoreline
 View of the new shoreline from the docks

There is a lot of soil that will be re-seed to have grass in front of the sauna and down to the shoreline. Unfortunately, rain was coming down during the restoration and overnight, so the ground is very wet. It is roped off. Please be sure to avoid that area at all times. Once the grass starts growing, it will be beautiful. Thanks to everyone that helped to accomplish the grand project.

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