Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Shoreline Restoration Pictures

These are more pictures of the volunteer and club members in action to restore our shoreline.
Getting Started
Working Together
Bobcat that was run by TL to move rock and soil
 Rock that was removed from lake
Stagging area
 Working in stagging area
Putting up the containment material for work area
Marching of the willows

 Willows in the water
 Soil and Sand used in restoration moved by buckets 
 Adding soil and sand to the rocks
 Adding more sand and soil
 Placing the cori logs
 A closer look at the cori log
Taking the hammer to pound rocks into place
Burlap material to be used to secure the willows and other plants
Placing the burlap into the water
 Getting the burlap into place
Soil left to fill in the bobcat tracks

Got it all done
The finished shoreline

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