Monday, June 06, 2011

Sail World Newsletter

Check out the latest issue of the Sail World Newsletter.  There's a good range of racing articles and some very interesting updates on the America's Cup and lead up series - many changes with new multihull format (and why!):

For 160 years, the America’s Cup has been contested in monohulls. The introduction of multihulls is intended to transform the event into a spectator friendly competition while also heightening the action with yachts that can sail more that twice the speed of the wind.

'The switch to multihulls has left the slow boats in the past,' added Russell Coutts, CEO of ORACLE Racing. 'The new boats are just one element of a total transformation of the America’s Cup. The excitement is higher, racing more physical and challenging and rules simpler. Best of all, here in the Bay, the action is right in front of the public.'

And if you don't know who Russell Coutts is....well, he used to race monohulls.

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