Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Ready for the Firecracker Regatta and Family Fun Day

Wooden Boats (pickup materials on Friday, July 1st)
We are going to have the wooden boat competition again this year. The boats will be similar to last years design; 12' x 3.5" piece of wood (we will supply the wood). It comes with a 3/16" dowel that is almost 12" tall for the mast.

You can make your own sail out of any material. The rules allow you to add a rudder, centerboard or whatever else might make your boat faster (no motors). You can also paint your boat.

This year we will be doing a few different heats so we don't put so many people on the docks at the same time. We will pass out the boat and mast on Friday, July 1st and the races will be start around 11:00 on the 2nd.

July 2nd Saturday
Races - 9:30 (little kids, big kids, adult, family)
Sack races (two people to a sack)
Kid water relay will be after the wooden boat races (inflatable boats, canoe, Laser, swimming).

Hay Scramble (each family should try to bring $3 in change per kid, if possible, if not, please join the fun anyway)
This might be in the afternoon after the Firecracker Regatta starts or in between racing. Additional change from other club members would be great. I will supply other prizes to sprinkle in the hay.

Depending on interest we could do some other games and or races (such as an adult water relay). These games are fun for everyone (whether you play or watch), bring your kids and your grandkids and join us for a great day of family fun.
We will have a BBQ in the evening; hot-dogs and hamburgers.  Please bring salads, appetizers, dessert or drinks. For questions, suggestions or to volunteer, use club email.

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