Sunday, July 29, 2007

service project a success!

Ten kids, 2 Camp Fire leaders and me. We left APU around 8:45 am last Friday and arrived at the lake under slightly cloudy, but windy skies. After a quick tour, which included newly painted outhouses and a peek in the school bus, we entered the club house for a quick "parts of the boat" and safety lesson. Then, it was off to the sauna for life jackets (we had enough to fit all 10 kids!) and down to the dock to rig the RL. After everyone climbed happily aboard, we set out on the lake. The breeze stayed steady - enough for a small wake - which thrilled many. All who wanted to took a turn at the tiller - including the 2 leaders, Wolf and Oakley. After a 2 hour sail, not a 3 hour tour, we landed on shore w/ kids scrambling for swimming time. The sauna was ready for warming and the play time began. I'm glad the board decided to do this. It felt good, and right and generous to share our sweet place. Many thanks for trusting me to handle it well.

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