Sunday, April 15, 2007

Summer fun at Big Lake

With 3' of snow still in our yard, it's hard to believe that we could be sailing at Big Lake in less than 6 weeks.

So to remind myself and you that it's truly possible, here are links to photos and stories about Big Lake sailing that I've posted on another blog:

Happy Spring and see you out at the club!

~ corinne

p.s. I was inspired by the ASC blog to start my own blog. It's even simpler than I realized. It's been a good way to keep in touch with friends and family Outside.


Cat Sailor Paul said...

Way to go Corinne! You're taking some great photos of the club and Big Lake. I especially like 4th of July shot and the birch/masts.

Cat Sailor Paul said...

Oh, and way to go on your own blog too! I'm glad you found inspiration in ours. It can be a great tool with many possibilities.