Monday, April 30, 2007

Collection of Funny Moments in Sailing

As the author calls it -

Collection of funny moments in sailing. All filmed in last few years at practise and international regattas. Snow was in Athens, February 2004, with -18 degrees temperature. Celebration is filmed after winning 420 Europeans by Croatian team I was coaching, Matija Longin and Pavle Kostov.

I’d call it whitecaps, 420s, shredded spinnakers, rowdy mark roundings, Lasers and mayhem. Decide for yourself. - PW


Kathleen McCoy said...

I LOVE this! I had to send it right away to my friend Doug who sailed with me the first day in racing class, and we flipped three times. Watching how fast these guys scrambled to stand on the centerboard is cool. It gives me hope that sailing and flipping can become second nature, and less traumatic!
Thanks for posting.

Cat Sailor Paul said...

Yea, those are some pretty tough hombres in some pretty rough conditions. Olympic caliber I believe. I'm glad you enjoyed.

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Stay tuned for my posting on Sailing Rules for Racing!