Thursday, June 08, 2006

Elayne Hunter Wins the 2006 Icebreaker Regatta

Pre start action
The Sheet
Big Lake, Alaska

The Ice Breaker Regatta was a wet and wild ride! I've never seen such tremendous winds and beautiful weather linked up like they were for this years' Ice Breaker.

The results:

Small Boats
1st - Elayne Hunter
2nd - Dave Johnson
3rd - Paul Willing

Big Boats
1st - TL Stanbro
2nd - Ben & Birgitt Robar
3rd - Chris Remick

RL and crew leaves the harbor- Ben, Birgitt & SharonCongratulations to the winners and all the participants.

I wasn't able to see all the action on Saturday, but there was some very tight groupings on the results - competitive racing. I was able to get out and race on Sunday - what a blast! The winds were cooking at about 20kts which made for a very fast ride, major heeling, and water in the cockpit. Elayne leaving the harbor aboard her Laser

And, yes, there were a couple boats that tipped, and a few folks that went swimming. And I'm here to tell you that the water has some warming up to do! Luckily I had some good crew and we got the boat underway without further incident. We even made a respectable finish!

Please plan to make the next races series, the Firecracker Regatta, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of July.

PS - if you are looking for a boat to buy, I might have a line on a couple nice ones that would add wonderfully to our fleet. Tom dons the start flag

Special thanks to Race Committee officials Jody Willing and Tom Gould for their excellent job onshore.

Posted by Paul Willing on behalf of
Timothy Gould - Vice Commodore, Race Committee Chairman

Race details available at The Alaska Sailing Club web site - 2006 Issues of The Sheet

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jopata said...


You engineers always using your head! Love that about you guys. Who knew those brilliant brains could also double as a flag pole for starting sailing races!

Your flag starts were much better than any I've seen.