Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 ASC Annual Meeting

Good Evening Sailors

You have a mostly new group of officers-

Commodore- Bruce Lee

Sr. Vice Commodore- Jim Aumann

Education Vice Commodore- Cheryl Childers

Racing Vice Commodore- Tom Harrison

Secretary- Kevin Frank

Treasurer- TL Stanbro

Harbor Master- Wayne Kent

Past Commodore- Geoff Wright

Kevin and Jim are filling vacancies at mid term.
TL and Cheryl are carrying through.

This group is a fantastic back up to your new Commodore--
Who will impinge upon them greatly.

The members also pasted an update to our Club Rules--
We post these on the Web Site shortly.

Race results and trophies were presented by Tom Harrison.

PW - Here's a link to the last Wet Wednesday Race of the season (previously omitted from the blog).

PW - 2010 Sailing Season overall results for the Dave Johnson Cup and the Robar Cup are here.  Scoring format is high score wins, with points awarded to correspond with the number of boats in each regatta.  I.e. ten boats raced, winner gets 10 points, second place gets 9 points, etc.  Tie breaks are per Appendix A.

And Geoff presented the Above and Beyond awards.
The recipients were:

Cheryl Childers for her amazing work with Youth Groups.

George Tolly, Rick Gilmore and Keith Barton for keeping our club in one piece during the fall wind storm.

Wayne Kent for keeping the Racing fair and fast.

Teri Stanbro for filling all the vacant holes in our board.

And finally Jay and Melissa Brudzinski for there help on events and on the board.

Thanks to all that attended the Annual Meeting

Bruce Lee

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