Monday, November 16, 2009

2010 Committee Sign Up Sheets - Part I

It's time to volunteer and sign up for the 2010 sailing season! See committee descriptions below. If you see one that's a good fit for you, then you can sign up in three ways:

1. Write a Comment to this blog posting - the preferred method, since it keeps everything in one place. If you have privacy concerns, just use first name and last name initial (we'll figure it out!).

2. Email Melissa B. - she can then forward volunteers to appropriate committee chairperson.

3. Email our Google Group (please use this one sparingly to reduce email volumes).

Finance Committee

Education Committee

Facilities Committee

Boats & Harbor Committee


Cat Sailor Paul said...

Paul W. - Technology Committee.

aij said...
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aij said...

Dan Heath- Education Committee, Boats and Harbor Committee

Anonymous said...

wkent - Boats and Harbor

Bearded Jon said...

Jonathan Lang - Education Committee