Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Musings from Big Lake

58°F, cloudy skies and light rain the morning of August 5, 2009. The club and lake are eerily quiet, save for the call of the loons and ducks. No boats or human activity sounds at all; it could be a remote fly-in lake this morning. Peaceful and refreshing come to mind - a regular Walden Pond.

Shortly after arrival last night it began to rain lightly on and off and then rained hard all night. Noted a very new looking Macgregor - Dance on the Wind - parked at the dock. I’ve not seen this vessel before.

Security update – Rick (our weekday security guard) has been absent for about a week and I found a dozen empty Busch Light cans strewn on the road near TL’s place, along with dozen Marlboro butts. After cleaning up this litter, a walk around check of the club revealed no other damage or missing items, so I’m assuming it was just some young folks looking for a secluded spot to quaff a twelve pack. For the sleuths among us: if you happen upon someone who drinks Busch Light in cans and smokes Marlboro Reds all the way to the filter, you have a suspect.

Lost and Found – thanks to whomever retrieved my needle nose and diagonal cutting pliers and weedeater trim line and placed them in the shed.

Found nice black REI long sleeve XL T shirt. It’s in the club house drying out.

For those Twitters and Tweeters amongst us and those who are just curious:

What the heck is Twitter about?

From Time Magazine: How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

John Quincy Adams meets Twitter

While writing this blog posting it has begun to rain even harder, drowning out all other sounds… hopefully it will cease by race time tonight or it will truly be a WET Wednesday. Dress accordingly!

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