Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 Firecracker Regatta (and more) - July 3rd and 4th

Racing, food and fun coming this holiday weekend!

For more ideas on kid races and fun sailing/racing games, see these excerpts from Mary Well's Revival chapter of Catamaran Racing for the 90's in the archived issues of The Sheet online. You can use these links to quickly jump to the Revival articles:

Revival Part 1

Revival Part 2

Revival Part 3

Revival Part 4

Revival Part 5

We've just past our 3rd anniversary of using this blog as our club newsletter! Here's a reprint from the last 2006 issue of The Sheet to help keep those creative posting juices flowing.

The Importance of a Newsletter - Collectively, using this new format we'll have a more vibrant, interesting and timely publication. That's the power of a group blog.

But what do I write about you say? Whatever strikes your fancy -
  • What do you feel when you sail?
  • What are some of your favorite lake experiences?
  • What did you learn last weekend about boat handling, sail trimming, start tactics or mark roundings?
  • What is your favorite type of sailboat?
  • What is your most memorable sailing experience?
  • Favorite sailing vacation.
  • New ideas for fun events and races at the club, e.g. last year's Pirate Race.
  • Potluck themes (I think we definitely have this one covered! ed.)
  • Cool sailing links you've found on the web.
  • America's Cup and Olympic Sailing events. (Nice work on the Buc Nationals coverage ed.)

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