Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009 Icebreaker Regatta

Live from Big Lake, it's the Icebreaker Regatta. Standby for "live" racing updates and results here.

The ice is gone, the sun is out and the racers are preparing their boats. We're hoping the forecast holds for afternoon wind.

But... as it turned out, Race 1 was a drifter until the last mark when the wind filled in. Race 2 had steady wind ~8 mph throughout.

Sunday brought sunny skies in the morning... and a dead calm lake. Race 3 went on as scheduled at 2:00 pm, but it was so calm many boats were towed to the start area. It was another drifter, but excellent for working on your tan.

With a nice 10 - 12 mph wind filling in around 4:30 pm we mobilized for a 5:00 pm start. Now this is some real racing! This reporter had to return to the dock for a quick batten repair - hence a very late start - but it was worth it just to scoot around the course, fly a hull and let out a hearty yeeee haaa! Big Lake sailing doesn't get much better.

Fellow racers don't be shy - post comments to this or post your own story.

Day 1 Results

Final Results


ny comet said...

Thanks to the awesome race committee volunteers for taking care of us this weekend! 'Tis true the RL showed her dirty bottom and also proved what she;s made of! Skipper Dan Heath takes credit for keeping her upright in the ying and yang of Big Lake sailing. 'til next time! Cheryl

Tom Harrison said...

A Second thanks to the Race Committee Volunteers for Officiating and to Paul for the quick posting of results!

Cat Sailor Paul said...

Now, we have some comments going.

I just know there are more racers out there with a few tales of out on the course...