Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tillerman's Proper Course Blog - again

Who is Tillerman?
I am a grandfather who sails a Laser. Even though I am over 60, I suffer under the delusion that it is not too late to discover how to sail smarter and faster.In this blog I write mainly about sailing and my endless pursuit to become a better sailor. Read this blog if you want to learn from my mistakes -- there are plenty -- and to share in the fun of Laser racing Tillerman style.

Yes, I've mentioned Proper Course before, but here's yet another plug. It's worthy of checking out, if only occasionally, to see what other sailors are talking about around the world.

Tillerman is into Lasers big time and often provides links to other Laser resources. Granted, some of his posts have absolutely nothing to do with sailing, but end up being entertaining or informative, or both.

Recent worthy posts:

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