Monday, July 21, 2008

Jim Aumann New Pirate King!

Jim Aumann emerged as the new Pirate King after a hard fought and water soaked battle on the high seas of Big Lake. The “race” included many shady pirate like happenings including a plundering of clue buoys by a certain notorious pirate. The race marshal quickly called upon the big boats to apply copious volumes of water to the offender and many small boats joined that fray.

Once back on shore, after the race, the battle started anew with dunkings, soakings, and buckets of water applied freely.

After a change of clothes an excellent pot luck fed the hungry mob with a large collection of delicious chicken dishes, sides and yummy deserts.

See photos of the event below. This reporter counts about 50 Pirates in the group photo.


ASC 2008 Pirate Race

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bruceair said...

Hail to the Pirate King!
Great post Paul.