Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Spring Work Party - Phase II (or the Real Ice Breaker!)

Thanks to all members who pitched in - including, but not limited to - Commodore Tim and Ethan used their Ice Breaker canoe with paddles and pickaxes to open a sliver of water for the docks. Chris spearheaded the gravel work, Keith performed electrical install on the waterfront, Tom and team got the docks in, Jay managed boat parking, TL was everywhere, Bruce completed Lucky's standing rigging (she looks sharp), Jody kept everyone moving (even a few teens) and negociated the MSB parking issue and all the others who helped with all this and more...

Still to complete prior to Ice Breaker Regatta Memorial weekend - connect docks and secure to mooring.

First dock in (marginal cellphone photo):

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