Sunday, January 13, 2008

Technology Committee Update - Sailwave Sailing Scoring Software

As promised, we are implementing Sailwave Sailing Scoring Software for the 2008 racing season. This will provide a robust and easy to use system for recording, calculating and posting race results. It also provides the option to use different handicap systems and wind indexed ratings as well as different scoring systems, e.g. .75 pts for 1st place vs. 1.00 pts for 1st place.

Any member can tinker around with Sailwave. Just download the free software. The Portsmouth tables and our race files are contained in small, separate files that are easily emailed.

For a trial I've entered the last two races of the 2007 Governor's Cup (no big boat data entered yet). And yes, it will show crew as well. You can see the test results here:

ASC Test Results using D-PN ratings
This sheet gives exactly the same corrected times we've been generating using our Excel template, but data entry and results are both faster and easier. We can even post to the web right after the race.

ASC Test Results using Wind Indexed Ratings
This sheet uses the same elapsed times, but includes an additional correction based on wind speed ranges. To use this we'll need a handheld wind meter, at least two wind readings during each race and complete Portsmouth ratings for each boat. For some boats (like the RL) there are no additional ratings available for all the wind speed ranges.

If you print out and study these two sheets you'll find the differences in Race 6 results in the USPN and Corrected Time columns.

Soft water is just around the corner!

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