Monday, March 12, 2007

ASC visits the Kona Sailing Club

Last Harrah tries to close the gap on the last leg of the race.

Last minute instructions from First Mate Fred

Launching the Holua Kai

Leaving Kona small boat harbor.

Here is the crew of the Holua Kai. Captain Tom at the helm. Robbie on the hatch cover working on his sunburn. Fred and Kurt taking a break after a great race with Holua Kai edging out Last Harrah right at the finish. We crossed the line second overall but after the adjusted times came in we were paced 5th. But our main goal was achieved by beating Last Harrah. Both boats are Hobie 33 mono hulls built in the 1980's.


This is the only club owned boat at the KSC. After the sails gave out they turned it into one of the most useful items at the club.

Here are some of the other burgees that hang in the KSC clubhouse.

The ASC Burgee hangs in the KSC clubhouse


Cat Sailor Paul said...

Wow, on the water racing action shots! How did you guys stumble upon the KSC?

Now that's what I call 'keeping your stick on the ice'! Kona SC looks like a great place to hang.

I really love the Laser bar concept.

nvr2mnybts said...

We found it 2 years ago when we were waiting to go out on a scuba adventure. There was no one around so just before we left for this trip I found their website and contacted the Commadore. I gave him the links to our blog and the one on the Kettenburg. He emailed me back the next day and invited me to crew on one of the boats!!

Great group of people just like our sailing club! They have a month to month lease and cannot camp on the property. But they have lots of fun on race days. We told them about the pirate race day and the water balloon/water cannons and they ate it all up.

Saw some amazing racing and some truly crazy people. Picture our 4 most competitive outspoken sailors at Big Lake and triple the intensity. There was so much yelling going on I thought I was back at the hockey rink!



Cat Sailor Paul said...

How many members? Do they have any moorage/dock space or is it all trailer in each time? How much "dirt" do they lease?

Triple the intensity? Wow!

jopata said...

That looks like such a great time. I second the Laser Bar!! I am thinking we find an old abanoned boat and make one ourselves. We could put a request in the volunteer section of the paper asking for boats in good shape and one that is beyond sailing? If we got a few good boats, we could probably make a bar out of our worst boat?

Loved seeing our burgy (sp?) on their wall, very cool!

WTG Chris and Karen! Jody