Sunday, January 28, 2007

Former ASC Members Alive and Well

While cleaning up our Message Board (internet trash postings for magic pills and everything else tend to accumulate over time) I came across a couple of old sailors and club members from the 70’s who had posted.

I’ve copied their postings here and invited them to join our blog and Google Group.


Fond Memories

Posted by kris kletka on 11/7/2004, 6:05 am4.227.195.42

Greetings to all you AK sailors.I have enjoyed reading your message board. I spent several great summers sailing on big lake in the mid to late 70's.

I just got back into sailing this summer. I bought a merit 23 and sail it here in Colorado.

My father (Fred) died last New years. As he was dying of cancer he would go in his mind to sailing and all his times on the water to help ease his pain.I have 4 kids and they are loving sailing. If any are still around who remember me you can email me or reply

Editor's Note - Kris was Governor's Cup champion (for some reason there' s a first name spelling discrepancy).


Over a year later a reply post:

Re: Fond Memories
Posted by Al Andrus on 3/14/2006, 9:45 pm, in reply to "fond memories"

Kris, I remember you being the unbeatable sailor that the kids all admired. Sorry to hear about Fred. Sharon, Ken, and I are living in Vancouver WA. We have an Ericson 29 and a Laser here. Ken is married and had a housefull of 9 kids. He is a Oregon state trooper. We lost my dear friend Dick Evans several years ago.

We had planned to race in the West Marine cup, and it almost happened. Did manage to tour Glacier Bay with him. I guess the sailing club has changed in the last few years, nothing similar to what we had in those days.

We keep up with Ben, Birgit, Henry, and Oliver Robar's and a few you probably didn't know. I would really like to find where Bob Massey and family are. We see Bill & Joyce Ower every now and then.

I still would like to find a Skip here to show the locals how an old boat could perform. We looked over a local sailing club here that was so much like our old club...there were the workers and those that only came to play. Sound familiar? Wonder if the Arctic Roadrunner is still around. Gotta go as it's past my bedtime. Let me know when you get this. AL

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Cat Sailor Paul said...

Kris is now onboard with our Google Group. It's great to hear from former members with fond memories of Big Lake and learn of their adventures on distant waters.

If Kris or Al are ever in AK in the summer we should schedule an "alumni race" that weekend!

I think they would both be surprised to see how active and dynamic the club is these days. And yes, the Arctic Roadrunner is alive and well in 2007.