Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2007 Summer Race Schedule

Hi Everyone,

We've come up with the 2007 race schedule for this summer's race series. Here's what we've got planned for this season.

May 26-27: Icebreaker Regatta (hopefully the ice is out!)

May 28: Memorial Day

July 7-8: Firecracker Regatta

Aug. 1: First Midweek Race

Aug. 8: Second Midweek Race

Aug. 15: Third Midweek Race

Aug. 18-19: Fireweed Regatta

Sept. 1-3: Governor's Cup Regatta (Labor Day weekend)

In addition to the usual races and regattas, I have instituted a midweek race series in August. These races will be held at 7:30 on the first three Wednesdays in August, ending with the Fireweed Regatta the third weekend of the month. The "Hot August Nights" series will be a points series much like the Dave Johnson cup. Points will be tallied up from all of the races including the Fireweed race results and trophies will be awarded accordingly at the end of the Fireweed Regatta.

Also, I am looking for volunteers to serve on the Race committee. If anyone is interested in helping out with the races, whether it be helping time a race or running the committee boat, please contact me and I will be glad to make you an honorary member of the prestigious Race Committee.

I hope everybody is as excited to hang out at the lake and get some racing in as I am!
Have a great spring,

Troy Aumann


Cat Sailor Paul said...

Go Troy! I can help with score keeping.

Be sure to check out links Tillerman's Proper Course Blog in my posting below. He's a Laser sailor with one of the best sailing blogs I've read.

Cat Sailor Paul said...

Troy - Are there 3 August mid week races or 2? Race list shows 2, but your text implies 3. Which is it dude?

Unknown said...

Great! Thanks for your help Paul. And yes there are three races in august, I just forgot to post all three. Whoops!

Cat Sailor Paul said...

Excellent. You've got it now. I've updated the calendars accordingly.

jopata said...

Troy I will keep score like I always do, I just need a boat driver to start the race. Jody