Sunday, November 19, 2006

Committee Activity

Greetings ASC Members,
I'd like to send out a thank-you to all the Committee Chair persons. Committee Chairs attended meetings with the board over the last two weeks to charter their committees and are now working on their plans for the next summer.

We had a very good meeting of the eductation committee today. We are making great progress on this years' adult sailing class and have tentatively decided to sponsor a class for our own ASC teenagers. We also plan to coordinate a sailing day with the Campfire organization.

Thanks again to all the committee chairs. If you are a member and would like to get involved with a committee, contact the committee chairs or a board member and we will get you hooked up.

Committee Chairs, 2006 -2007

· Racing: Troy Aumann
· Safety: Vincent Browne
· Fundraising: Dave Johnson
· Public Relations: Cheryl Hilmes
· Site: Jody Willing
· Education: Geoff Wright
· Events: Roberta Avila
· Membership: Elayne Hunter
· Facilities: Tom Gould
· Clubhouse: Jim Aumann
· Boats: Geoff Wright
· Technology: Paul Willing

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Cat Sailor Paul said...

Wow, we have more committees now than we had total members just a few years ago. Amazing!