Saturday, October 28, 2006

I did it.

Hi Everyone,
I have arrived. It took me awhile to get a name that was bloggable.
What a fun Annual Meeting. The board and committees are hard at work on making the club better than ever for next summer.
I miss everyone and our summer fun.
Cindy is now employed as a superviser for the State Human Rights Commission. Her dream job and an office with windows. Way to go Cindy! She also did an awesome job with mock trials at College Gate with my students. We're off to celebrate by seeing Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe and then going to Simons for 1/2 price Appetizers when it's over some time around 9:30. Join us. It will be a fun celebration for the Florida turned Alaska girl.
Happy Halloween.

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Cat Sailor Paul said...

Welcome aboard Elayne! The ASC Blog team is growing by the day. I'm currently where the water is still soft and sailable. Photos to come...