Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ahoy All,

Sue and I took an ASA certified sailing class hosted by Sailing Inc. this weekend in Seward, and we bumped into fellow Big Lake student sailors Jeremy & Cindy. We will be in Seward again next weekend to finish the class. We are sorry to have missed the Ice Breaker Regatta, but I have to say it was not so bad rotating as helsman and crew on a 30' Catalina in 25 knots. We will be gone again next weekend to complete the class but look foward to seeing everyone again soon after that on Big Lake. By the way, what slip is the boat in that Jay and Chris bought? I'd love to check it out next weekend.

Bottoms Not Up (this time),


jopata said...

That sounds really fun. Friends of Paul's and mine have done the class and they loved it too. See you when you return. Have a great weekend.


Jay said...
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Jay said...

Sounds like a great class. Our boat is in slip K-4. See you at the lake.